Brace yourself; Ludum Dare #33 is coming

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It has been a while since I last posted a blog post. On Twitter I already announced that due to some personal circumstances and vacation I was unable to keep up with my blog. However, starting from next week I will go back to my schedule of publishing a new post every other week.

The upcoming weekend I will be participating in the latest instance of the Ludum Dare. I am still really happy with my result from last time and it will be really difficult to top that, but that isn’t stopping me from trying. I’ll be posting my progress on Twitter, try to post my day one builds here, and I may even livestream my process over on my Twitch channel, so keep an eye out for that. Below I will give a short overview of my plans for this Ludum Dare specifically, so read on for some tips and whatever if you’re interested.

Deadlines, Ludum Dare, and more

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The observant under the readers will probably have noticed the missing post of last week. Since I am planning on getting my master’s degree very soon, I have been working in setting a few things into motion, and together with several deadlines, they kept me from writing a new post. To make up, I will give a bit of an update of some personal projects, and next week I will be back with a full post.