Ludum Dare 33 – Day One Builds

in Games & Prototypes

As promised, here are my day one builds for the Ludum Dare!

I decided to go with a Pacman meets D&D party approach. The theme is You are the monster so my first ideas was to have the player hunt adventurers in a dungeon. I kept circling back to this idea, so it is what I ended up using.

Game animation

The game is far from finished, but the basic gameplay is in there. You can use the WASD or arrow keys to move around and right now you can use the ‘1’ button to set traps. Traps decay after a while and take a while to setup though.

The goal is to kill all adventurers. You can do this by sneaking up on them from behind or luring them in traps. If they see you they will attempt to follow you. More traps, more adventurers, and better dungeon generation will be added tomorrow.

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