Ludum Dare #33 – Final result

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After two days of working on this game, Dungeon Hunter is now finished (or… as finished as it could be within 48 hours) and available for download. I will be posting my evaluation in a few weeks when the ratings are in as well. For now, enjoy the game and manual below!

Some adventurers have heard about you raiding a dungeon. Because everybody knows that monsters drop loot, adventurers quickly rally to hunt you. You are not very strong, so you will need all your cunning and stealthiness to outsmart the adventurers.


How to play

You control the monster using the WASD or arrow keys throughout the dungeon. Your goal is to stay out of sight.

During the game chests will spawn in the dungeon which you can pickup for tools. Tools can be the following:

  • Trap
    A trap: place this somewhere in a room. If an adventurer steps on it, the adventurer and trap will be killed. Can be dismantled by rogues.
  • Decoy
    A decoy: lure adventurers towards a certain position. Can be especially useful in combination with mages!
  • Invisibility
    Invisibility: gain invisibility for a short time. You will not be invulnerable though!
  • Assasination
    Assassination point: use this to kill an adventurer. You will only win if you approach the adventurer from behind.

There are different kinds of adventurers as well:

  • Adventurer
    The basic adventurer will walk around and chase you when spotted.
  • Mage
    Mages will not chase you themselves when they spot you, but alert all adventurers close by. They also can not find back when you attack them.
  • Rogue
    Rogues have great hearing and will also notify you in any other direction. Further, they will disarm a trap if they walk onto one.
  • Archer
    Archers are the most dangerous kind of adventurer, since they will immediately kill you with an arrow (insert “arrow in the knee” joke here) when spotted. They are defenceless in melee combat however.

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