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The observant under the readers will probably have noticed the missing post of last week. Since I am planning on getting my master’s degree very soon, I have been working in setting a few things into motion, and together with several deadlines, they kept me from writing a new post. To make up, I will give a bit of an update of some personal projects, and next week I will be back with a full post.

Ludum Dare

I already posted about my Ludum Dare entry before, but I have not yet posted the final result. Satellites vs Aliens has been my best scoring Ludum Dare entry ever, and I am actually really happy with how it turned out. If you are interested, I definitely encourage you to read my Post Mortem on the Ludum Dare website over here, where I summarise the results and also discuss how I experienced this Ludum Dare.

If you just want to check out the game, here are some download links:
* Play in browser (WebGL)
* Play in browser (Unity Web Player)
* Download (Windows)
* Download (OSX)
* Source code (GitHub)

Even though the judging period has already passed, if you have anything to say about the game, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


My website has never been completely finished, until now! I have finally updated the projects section to be more complete. I also came up with a slightly different approach that doesn’t require me to make a new page for every project, which is especially useful for smaller projects. I am pretty happy with how the overview turned out, and how it allows me to show more projects in a concise manner. I am still considering replacing the separate pages by a Lightbox-type popup, but we will see how things turn out once I start adding more projects.

Further I have made some small adjustments to the remainder of the website. Most importantly, the frontpage will now link to the right blog page for the newest blog post.

Roche Fusion

I can’t leave you without mentioning the free content patch we have just released for Roche Fusion. Roche Fusion will still be 35% off until next Monday, so don’t forget to pick it up if you haven’t yet!

I will be back next Friday with a new post. Of course don’t forget to let me know if you have any requests for specific subjects, or if you have any suggestions/feedback about my previous posts. Until then!

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